Monday, August 25, 2008

Why Science Fiction Kicks Ass

Ok, so truth be told, I am a huge science fiction fan. Usually as soon as that comes out the words like; nerd, dork, geek tend to start flying about. I use them alot from time to time because that is what is expected. But really, being a fan of science fiction is no different then being a fan of anything else. Its just certain people, certain things in the past have given science fiction a bad rap.

First and foremost among these things are those people who show up in costumes to movies. Whether it be Star Wars, Star Trek (those being the two most popular science fiction story lines), or some other movie that gathers a strong fan base. Costumes are fine for parties, or for little kids but really you are just taking things to far. Yes, those movies, shows, books, games are cool and fun. But, if you are older then twelve and haven't been invited to a costume party, you probably shouldn't be going out in public dressed like your favorite sci-fi character. For some reason however, science fiction does tend to attract a lot of folks who are a little stranger and have no problem doing so.

However, this is not just a phenomenom that is not something that is totally related to science fiction. For example, lets take something that is culturally accepted as cool, football. Yet get the crazy super fans who dress up, paint themselves and do all sorts of crazy stuff. These guys are being rediculous super fans. Being a football fan does not make you a bad ass (playing might, I guess you have to be pretty hardcore, rugby more so). Another example is one I will borrow from a friend. Basically, at a bar an OU fan and a UofT fan got in a pretty vicious fight. Turns out neither of the two even attended the schools they were fighting over. Real cool guys. The point being here is that being a fan of something is fine, but everything in moderation. Anyone can take anything to far and make it not cool.

The other point is just because some fans dress up and act funny does not make all fans of the topic nerds, geeks, dweebs, etc. In the end though, why make fun of them at all. To each their own. They like something, you like something else. The end.

Aside from the whole aspect of super fans, other things have given sci-fi a bad name. Things like Ultra Violet, Aeon Flux. Look at the "Science Fiction Channel". The name really should be changed. I saw WWE Monday night raw on a few days ago. On the Science Fiction channel. I failed to see how the two correlated. Other movies I saw on the science fiction channel were, leprechaun and the snakehead terror. Two bad horror movies. Not really science fiction. But when you put that out to the public of course people take a dislike to it.

Well this all talks about why people dislike science fiction. I'll probably throw a few more of those out next time as well. But I'll get around to the reason it kicks ass eventually just give me time.

Now while this might suck as work of science fiction, I'll have to talk later of why B movies kick ass.

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