Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Hockey is back!

With the preseason starting up, I am pumped about the upcoming season. It was a long three months without hockey. Things slow down way too much in the hockey world after the draft. All in all it was a good summer being able to bask in the glory of another Detroit Red Wings Stanley cup. However, it just makes me more anxious to see them start the defense of the their title. Especially after making the brilliant signing of Marian Hossa during the off-season.

The other great part about the new season is another season of fantasy hockey. I have been
playing for three years now, just using the free Yahoo Fantasy Sports website. It was great when I started off with a win my first year, but I have steadily declined over the past few years taking second and third this past season. However, Team Grrrrr! will rise again.

Fantasy sports are fun because it is a way to stay in touch with the game. If you are interested in a sport, it is one of the easiest ways I know to learn the ins and outs of the game, the teams, and the players (that is if you are actually trying to be competitive).
The first Red Wings preseason game is tonight. It will good to see Hossa and Datsyuk together on the ice, and whether or not they work well together. I unfortunately am not able to actually watch or listen to preseason games. The live scoreboard will have to do (if I have Internet back after the hurricane).
Red Wings season opens officially October 9, 2008.

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