Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Tragedy of Remakes

I was driving to the book store today and it struck me that there is something wrong with the movie and music industry.  Every year we are constantly dealing with remakes of older movies and older songs (yeah, yeah this isn't really a stroke of genius on my part, I'll get to my point shortly).  People seem to have lost there ability to think of an original idea to make into a movie.  Or they just try to make a spoof of good movies that have been made.  How many stupid spoofs can you make?

Really?  Aside from Disaster movie even the covers are identical.  

I guess they have figured out a formula that is guaranteed to make them money, but it is seriously getting lame. 

Now I know people have been saying this for years, but the one thing that struck me as I drove to the bookstore is that people don't make remakes of books.  If they do I haven't heard about it.  I haven't seen a Lord of the Rings Trilogy by John Doe.  

Is it because it is unacceptable to rewrite someone's exact story with your words?  If this is the case, why is it such a great idea with movies and music?  Maybe I can start making money by taking other peoples genius and rewriting great books.  Something I'll have to look into.  

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