Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Is this the year?

The NHL has unveiled its new ad campaign, and I can't say its a real winner.  The campaign focuses on photos that have been taken over the past year and having the players in them step out and talk about the moment and how they feel.  While in an artistic endeavour this is a clever idea, I do not think that is what is going to appeal to people about hockey.  

The sport is all about its explosiveness and speed.  That is what they keep preaching each year.   This is not something that is highlighted well by still photography.  A hit doesn't look as brutal or bone crunching in still frame.  A break away or amazing save is not as exciting with no motion.  It steals the excitement from the game.  The commercials are too quite and lack energy, which is what hockey is all about.

These commercials do not leave me hyped to start watching hockey.  Show the dazzling plays, goals, saves, hits that the players make everyday when they play.  That is what people watch the game for.  Not to hear Sidney Crosby whine about not winning the Stanley Cup.  

I can watch video highlights of hockey all night.  Make commercials with those.  Show the game.  

I will admit this is a cool shot though.  Although not in the ad campaign as it is a little dated.  

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