Wednesday, September 23, 2009

On that note...Cooking FAIL

So I have been trying various rubs with pork chops as of late. I've tried three over the last two months with the third taking place tonight. I have always tried to pan sear the chops which has been problematic in my apartment. I am constantly setting off smoke alarms because you have to cook the chops on a high heat, and the fan above my stove does not work adequately. Usually I cook them on high about three minutes to a side. Tonight I tried a couple of different things. Which so far has had an unfortunate turn out.

The first thing was that the chops were thicker. I therefore needed to cook the meat longer. The problem is if you do that at the same high heat, my smoke alarms are going off longer and you tend to burn the outside pretty badly as you wait for the inside to cook.

The second thing is that I am using with new cookware. I've been married since April and we finally got our wedding presents shipped to us. So we have snazzy cookware. Unfortunately I have no idea how to cook with it because it is not supposed to see extremely high heat.

I figured this would work out well for this application because I would just use the lower heat and cook them longer. Four minutes to a side. Using this cookware it is supposed to transfer the heat better so I didn't think the lower temperature I was using would be much of an issue with the longer cook time. WRONG.

It looked amazing, its smelled delicious, and it was totally raw on the inside when I thought it was done cooking. Oops.

Its now coming out of the oven now. We'll see how it is.

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