Monday, October 5, 2009

Next plans for movie night

So we seem to be getting rolling on movie nights now. The original was the Star Wars marathon. That took place a while ago; almost two years now. Six movies in one day, three boxes of wine. We made it through four movies and two and half boxes of wine before it degenerated into video games.

Then came B movie night. A night of Zardoz, one of the most ridiculous movies of all time. Obviously someones attempt at being deep in the 70's, probably highly inspired by drugs, and with all of its budget in getting Sean Connery to run around in a loin cloth. All in all a pretty entertaining night. I finally killed the bottle of Patron I had started a year earlier during a N64 game night (a majority of the bottle was polished off during that first night...Oh to be young and reckless).
Then the mildly successful LOTR marathon/wine tasting. Maybe we will get on a roll now. Suggestions are going out for a old science fiction movie night. Candidates for films were Logan's Run and The Forbidden Planet (in my eyes one of the greatest science fiction films of all time). Both good suggestions though I have seen them both within the last two years. The other suggestion was to do a Greek mythology night. The old Hercules flicks, or Jason and the Argonauts.

I think that I am leaning towards the Greek mythology genre since I haven't seen those ever or in the case of Jason and the Argonauts, in a very very long time. Either way it will be fun; even better I will not be the host. So no pressure on me. Sometimes you can't get better then that.

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