Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Off to the Netherlands

So on Saturday I am flying to the Netherlands for a review for work. I'm not gonna lie...I'm a little bit nervous. The first thing is that I am going to be driving around in a rental car in another country. I can't say that I have ever done that before. So that will definitely be a new and interesting experience. I'm hoping I am not spending my time there driving lost around the countryside.

Secondly, I am going to be the end all be all representative for my group at a major review in another country. I only recently started supporting this role within my group and now I am THE man. Its a little bit disconcerting. I really need to make sure I know my stuff for this.

Lastly, I will not really know anyone there. As I said I just started in this aspect of my job recently. I don't know the folks that I am working with all that well as of yet. The good thing about a trip like this is that you do tend to get to know the people your working with better.

All in all it should be a lot of fun, and I'm looking forward to it. I get to cross another country off my list of places I've visited in the world. This will be my third European visit now, but my first for a job related trip. So it will be different, but should still be cool.

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T.C. said...

Stress less, my friend...and have a fantastic time!