Sunday, January 17, 2010

Avatar: Game Changer

I believe Avatar is on pace to beat out Titanic for highest grossing movie of all time; It sure took long enough.

I have read so many various reviews of "hardcore" science fiction fans of late who absolutely despise Avatar, because all it did was "play to the lowest common denominator" or "pander to the masses" with a weak story and amazing special effects. Therefore, it is not a good movie, it is not worth seeing, and it is in no way shape or form a game changer.

I agree, the story is not the most original. But unless you have seen it, you do not have a valid opinion. You cannot have a judgement that mean anything of something you have not seen. And you cannot appreciate that even if this was a weak story (I think it was well done and touched up enough to avoid this being weak), you have to appreciate that this movie IS a game changer. Maybe this movie just teamed great special effects and 3D with a lack of an original story, but now everyone is going to try and team the same effects and 3D with their stories to keep up. So while you might not think this movie is any good, it is opening the door for all those others out there to put it these effects together WITH a great story. It showed that spending the money to make something like this can make the money back. Team that with a great story and you have an out of this world experience.

So Avatar is going to be a game changer; Maybe not in story telling but in the level at which the story can and should be told. Other movies are already delaying or rewriting to try and keep up and fans of the movie going experience should have nothing but appreciation for Avatar, for showing the potential of new special effects whether it be CGI, motion capture, or 3D for movie goers to see.

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