Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A Playoff Beard Story

For four years I went to a military college.  During that time facial hair was frowned upon.  As in not allowed.  My first year upon leaving school I jumped whole heartedly into the tradition of the hockey playoff beard.  My beard would grow as long as the Red Wings were in the playoffs.  It paid off when I was rewarded with seeing them win the Stanley Cup that year after a six year drought (I know I'm spoiled Wings fan).  Obviously this was a tradition I need to continue.

I fear I must have over groomed the following year as the Wings once again made it to the finals but devastatingly lost in game seven.  So this year I am following a minimal upkeep policy.    Tonight will reveal if this is in fact a working system.  The Wings are in game seven of their Western Conference quarter final series with the Phoenix Coyotes.  The the power of the beard push them through.  If they survive tonight we shall continue to track the beard.  If not we will have to figure out a way to bring the mojo of the beard back because something has gone tragically wrong.

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