Monday, May 31, 2010

Can Zombies be Romanticized?

When one mentions vampires now a day it frequently brings about disgust.  Vampires once a concept of horror now are are seen as girlish icons.  Television and books today are overwhelmed with vampire stories.  Romance stories of girls and vampires.  They have lost pretty much all the horror concept that belonged with them in the age of Bram' Strokers Dracula or Nosferatu.  Can this happen to other staples of horror?  Even werewolves on on that path as well, as they have also romanticized in Twilight.

I figure the last bastion of hope for horror icons lies in Zombies.  They are grotesque, rotting corpses that try and eat other people.  They have conquered the comedy realm with Zombieland and Shaun of the Dead. 
From the movie Fido (2006)

Is there a way these creatures can become the icons of women's dreams, like vampires and werewolves?  Will there be the zombie romance flick next?  Is is possible.  Can we have endless show after endless show of  teenage zombie drama.  I think this is a pretty safe category of horror, but stranger things have happened.  


Tom said...

Ha. I with you on this one. I think turning a zombie into a 'tween heart-throb would be near impossible.

Anonymous said...

have you seen warm bodies? R is certainly up to that critera