Tuesday, May 25, 2010

NHL Rankings based on my opinion of the team

So my wife recently made the comment that I hate pretty much any team in the NHL that is not the Detroit Red Wings.  I decided this isn't the case, its just the Wings tend to play a lot of the teams I hate fairly frequently.  Below is a list of how I feel about the various teams around the league.  This list was started at the beginning of the second round.  Somethings have changed in that time I point a few out.  

  1. Detroit Red Wings - Greatest Franchise in sports history.  End of story.
  2. Buffalo Sabres - I mean they have Ryan Miller playing for them, how can you not like them.  
  3. Tampa Bay Lightning - Oh how things can change in the course of a few hours.  When I first started putting this list together I had the Tampa Bay Lightning at 20 with the one comment being "Just a poorly poorly run franchise."  In some regards this is still true with an ownership debacle currently taking place.  However, it is being reported today that Steve Yzerman is taking over as General Manager for the team.  So I can no longer call them a poorly run team, and I can't root against a team managed by one of the greatest if not the greatest Red Wings of all time.  After 27 years with the Organization, good luck with Tampa Bay.  
  4. Ottawa Senators - I have liked the Senators for a while, I liked the speed of their team back when Hossa was still with them.  They have changed a lot since then, but I have nothing against them.  I mean Heatley is with San Jose now, so just one more thing to hold against San Jose.  
  5. Montreal Canadiens - For a team that turned over half its players this past year, wow is all you can say for the level they played.  Sad to see them lose out to Philly, a team I hate, 
  6. Washington Capitals - Having lived in their hockey region, I gotta like the Caps, but they bought into their own hype before ever actually accomplishing anything, so I had to drop them down a little.  
  7. Boston Bruins - Another delta from when this list was started a couple of weeks ago. I had them at #3 and listed as "A well coached, hard working team.  Better stop choking immediately though."  Well they didn't stop choking.  They are the third team in history to allow a comeback from a 3-0 deficit.  This is the second year in a row they have choked in the second round.  Maybe not as much heart as I once thought.  
  8. New York Islanders - While a fairly pathetic franchise in general, my cousin works for this team so they gain some favoritism through family ties.  
  9. New York Rangers - A previous favorite of my youth until I was no longer allowed to play as them on a NHL '95, this team comes out of the gates flying every year only to fall apart midway through the season.  What is wrong there.  Aside from that I like King Lundqvist.  
  10. LA Kings - A team that has come a long way in the last few years.  I might not like them as much in the next few if they keep developing as they have but for now, good on you.  
  11. Atlanta Thrashers - I just have a feeling of apathy towards this team.  
  12. Florida Panthers - Apathy again.  Have no strong feelings one way or another, but l like the Thrashers more.  Maybe a home state thing?
  13. Carolina Hurricanes - Possibly the most inconsistent team in the sport?  I think so.  
  14. Vancouver Canucks - I really don't have anything against this team except that they are in the same conference as the Wings.  
  15. New Jersey Devils - Swept the Wings in '95, have never really forgiven them.  
  16. Columbus Blue Jackets - A team in the Central division that has made the playoffs once and was subsequently swept by the Wings in the first round.  Then fell apart again the following season.  They have never really been a risk to the Wings and therefore I don't hold much ill will towards them.  But like most Wings fans, Rick Nash scares the hell out of me.  
  17. Nashville Predators - A well coached team that plays hard.  Man do they play the Wings hard.  I gotta admire them but we play them far to often for me to like them.  
  18. Phoenix Coyotes - Admire their hardworking season despite the uncertainty surrounding the franchise, but really hockey in the Desert.  Shane Doan lost most admiration I had for the guy in his three playoff games against the Wings this year.  
  19. Dallas Stars - The closest I can get to NHL hockey where I live.  A series of management blunders the last couple of years has this teams stock dropping rapidly.
  20. Edmonton Oilers - 2006 Playoffs, Pronger was on the team, and now they just suck horribly.  Not only did they finish in last place in the league, their farm team finished in last place in the league.  Bright future ahead of them.  
  21. Minnesota Wild - They keep claiming they should be Hockeytown, USA.  Try winning something first then come talk to me.  
  22. Toronto Maple Leafs - A team that's general manager is Brian Burke?  Gag me now (yes I know he was team USA's GM for the Olympics).  This team has been a perenial suckfest for a while now, but every year they beat the Wings in their original six showdown.  I just don't like this team.  
  23. St. Louis Blues - The team where Chris Pronger spent a majority of his career.  Big rival of the Wings in their own division until the wheel fell off around the lockout timeframe.  Starting to work there way back into contention with a young team.  Might earn some respect soon, but as they are in the Wings division, I'll never like them.  
  24. Calgary Flames - Another bunch of dirty players. 
  25. Philadelphia Flyers - The origin of dirty teams like modern day Anaheim.  Current employer former Anaheim, Edmonton, and St. Loius POS, Chris Pronger
  26. San Jose Sharks - Until this year I thought they were just a team with no heart, now they found a way around that by becoming a cheap shotting, diving bunch of players with no heart.  
  27. Colorado Avalanche - The years of animosity with this team were just brutal, although they mainly exorcised all those demons back in the 2002 WCF, and Colorado hasn't been the same team since, you can't forget all that bad blood.  
  28. Chicago Blackhawks - Biggest historic rival of the Wings.  Cabby beater Kane is on the team, Another team that followed the suck long enough and we'll be able to draft well theory the Pens had been working on for so long.  
  29. Pittsburgh Penguins - June 12, 2009 is one of the bigger reasons, but the NHL appointment of their whiny captain as the hockey god has not helped at all.  Stay classy Sidney.  
  30. Anaheim Ducks - Bunch of cheap-shotting, scumbag players, run by a coach and put together by a GM who praise both qualities.  I have no respect for this team.  2007 WCF did not help at all.  Their sweep of the Wings in 2003 also doesn't help, but it was a different team then as well.  Overall nothing good has come out of this team except Mike Babcock coaching the Wings.  

So while I don't hate every team except the Red Wings in the NHL, the Stanley Cup final is now between two teams I do hate.  I don't even know if I can be bothered to watch the finals this year.    


Tom said...

Avs? #27? That is horse shit. It was the throwing of the octopus back into the crowd in '07 that killed it for you, wasn't it?

AlphaOnOne said...

No really it was the 7-0 victory during game 7 of the 2002 Western Conference Finals that started the decline. The 8-2 victory completing the sweep of the Avs in a series where Johan Franzen single handedly scored more goals the the entire Avs team really dropped them from the number 1 rival/most hated team.

The throwing the octopus back in the crowd was actually something to make me dislike them more, its just the Avs proceeded to roll over and die after it.