Wednesday, May 26, 2010

What my phone has taught me of the upcoming zombie apocalypse

So I bought my first app for my Droid.  Not that I haven't downloaded any apps before, they were just all free.  But this one felt important.  For 99 cents my phone now runs as its live desktop a zombie outbreak simulation.  I can now watch zombie outbreaks take place over and over again.

Through intense observation I have learned three important lessons.  The first is unless there are zombie hunters right on top of the initial outbreak the world is pretty much screwed.  They just spread to fast otherwise.  As a side note, if the Zombie hunters proximity to the zombie outbreak results in them being the first to die, the world is also screwed

The second lesson is that team work is crucial when killing zombies.  No matter how good you are at killing zombies, you always need someone to watch your back.  Zombie hunters working alone always get overwhelmed in the end.

The last lesson I learned is that I enjoy nuking zombies.  Sorry to all those folks who weren't quite zombie's yet, but all the hunter's were dead and I had no choice.

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Tom said...

you forgot to mention the importance of training additional zombie hunters