Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Challenging Myself: Running the Houston Marathon

Recently my wife had a co-worker talk her into running in the Houston Half Marathon in January of 2012. When I heard this I laughed, said "Have fun with that", and continued to sit on my couch watching TV. This was the response of someone who had ran track throughout high school, went to a military college and had to run all the time, admittedly had said in the past I wanted to run in a marathon, and then had any desire to ever go outside and run crushed by the Houston weather.

I have lived in this area now for over four years. In that time I have gone through various schemes of trying to stay in shape. As far as running went, the only times I ever did it was indoors, on a treadmill. Last year we actually tried walking at some of the parks in the area in the August time frame. We suffered through the heat and right as we were finally getting into it, it cooled off, and out came the masses. It started taking half an hour just to find a parking spot. The outdoor walks quickly ended after that.

So here we are close to a year later, I am sitting on the couch, a place a I frequented a lot during the past year and she is telling me how she is going to run in the half marathon. I laugh it off. However, she wasted no time in telling me that I am the one in the family who always said I wanted to run in a race like this. She also dropped the reminder that if/when we have kids in the near future my opportunity to train for something like this potentially goes away for a long time.

I thought about it and it made sense. As much as I enjoyed lounging on the couch watching whatever was on Netflix, I was also annoyed at myself for having gotten so out of shape. This was a golden opportunity to find some motivation to dig deep and do something I had said I always wanted to do, something that would get me active again, and this could be my last possibility of doing it again before my life takes some dramatic changes.

I'm in. Only I am not doing the half marathon. If this is my last chance to do this, I am doing the full. I haven't run in any consistent manner in over 4 years. Those running stints were few and far between during that time. But why not. Go big or go home, right?

Another plus of this whole thing is I have been wanting to write again. After reading an inspirational post on someone's success in a challenge they had wanted to do, I thought this might be a fun thing to document. If not for anyone else than for myself. Something I can look back on. So here is the start. I hope to knock out a few posts in quick succession in the near future to try to catch up to where I am in my training now, and then I plan to settle down to about one a week.

So here we go...

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