Sunday, September 4, 2011

Week 2: Switching to Guns

OK, really that should read "switching to mornings". As mentioned in previous posts, the Houston heat and humidity is killer. I think it was one of the biggest factors in why I got pneumonia. Between that, and the fact that the evening runs were eating up all of my time, something needed to give. The idea switching from evening runs to mornings seemed the best option. My long runs are all early mornings anyway, so best to get onto that schedule.

I am not a morning person. I have had people joke that I sleep in my car because I look so rough when I get in to work in the morning. So getting up early enough to run and still get to work on time was not an easy decision. It was made somewhat easier by the issues listed above, but not enough to make that whole getting out of bed thing and taking those first few steps on a run fun.

So Monday we got up at 6 am and first the first time in my life I ran before work. It was a short run since Monday's are supposed to be easy days. On top of that I have been wanting to keep my Monday runs shorter because I had also recently started going to a hockey practice on Monday nights. I didn't need to kill myself with too many high exertion activities in such a short span. I had to run again Tuesday morning after all.

The Tuesday and Thursday runs this week were a lot better. The Tuesday run was 35 minutes, which is what I ran the previous week, but this is also when I realized all of my previous weeks runs were supposed to be 30 minutes. I was looking at the green groups schedule and not my own during the previous week. It doesn't say a lot for my ability to follow directions. Thursdays run was again 30 minutes. By this point this was starting be the norm so the runs didn't feel as bad.

There were two nice side effects of getting up early to run. The first is while it is hard to wake up and go running, running does wake you up pretty quickly and make you more alert during the day (as long as you get enough sleep the night before). The second thing was it actually got me into work earlier, which in turn got me out of work earlier. So now I had not only cleared running out of my evening schedule, but had additional time as well.

The weekend long run was four miles. I ran with the coach who had finished last weeks run with me. As I thought, she kept a good steady pace throughout that I comfortable running and it was a good run. An interesting part of the route this time was that we ran downwind of a donut shop during the run. You couldn't see the shop but you could smell it. The smell was glorious and hateful.

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