Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Week 3: Nothing to See Here

So I guess every week can't have something of interest or new to discuss. This week was really falling into a routine. Morning runs on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday that I ran on my own or with my wife. The runs were all increasing in their duration by about five minutes from the previous week. Aside from that it was a slow week.

The Saturday long run was probably the most interesting point of the week, as the long runs tend to be. This weeks run was a five miler. Having had no issues with the four mile run I was looking forward more and more to my long runs. This week was the first week where I had any issues on my long run. Part of the point of running with a group of people is that we are supposed to be running at a conversational pace. We are supposed to be talking with the people we are running with. It keeps you from going to fast and burning yourself out on a long run. The first week I talked a little bit, the second I did it more, this is the first time I pretty much held a conversation for the entire duration of the run.

I started off the run with the same coach I had run with the previous week. Interesting piece of information learned while talking with her was that she is also running in the Chicago Marathon and has also been running with the Fall Houston Fit group (I am in Winter). Consequently she is already on much higher mileage than I am. We were running 5 miles, but her total for the day was 13, so she had already run 8 miles prior to starting this run. So we started off the run together but after about a mile she stopped to walk for a minute. During that mile though I was introduced to a friend of hers from the previous year who just starting up with Fit again. So I continued my run with him.

Having lost our good pacer, we paced off each other and consequently ran much faster than we (read, I) probably should have. All the while we were holding that conversation, while not really going at that conversational pace. This really winded me and I was feeling this run. It was the first long run I felt out of it while running. Being stupid like I am, I didn't want to back down from someone who had admittedly just started running again. Granted he had run a marathon before in the last year, and I had been sitting on the couch for the last year, but I am competitive like that despite the fact that there was no competition. So I finished the run with him, but it was not smart to do.

So really lesson learned out of all of this was if you are not feeling well, slow down. It didn't result in anything bad in this situation, but that will not always be the case. Pushing yourself too hard is one of the quickest ways to get injured. Running with a group allows you to run with people at your level. If you are running with someone who is too fast, slow down and find someone more your speed. Something I try and follow more now than I did then.

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