Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Week 4: The First Schedule Hit

When you have a 6 month training plan, you are never going to be able to make it through every run and not have some schedule conflicts. This was my first of what will probably be several. I was leaving on Friday for a bachelor party in New Orleans, and I would be gone the whole weekend. Meaning I would miss my six mile run scheduled for Saturday morning. I wouldn't feel bad to miss a run during the week, but I really don't want to miss my long runs because they are a gauge of how training is going overall, and the runs that push my endurance the most. So somehow I had to reschedule.

The plan was to run my normal schedule on Monday and Tuesday. I wanted to run my Thursday run as well since it was supposed to be my first Tempo run, and that would leave Friday morning for my 6 mile run, prior to leaving for NO. Things went according to plan and I knocked out my two runs early in the week with out too much trouble. Things started to conspire against the end of the weeks plan though. First the departure time for the NO, trip got moved up on Friday morning reducing my schedule. The second problem was I was realizing going on a run the day before my long run with no recovery day between was probably a bad idea.

So the plan got modified to go on my long run Thursday morning before work in place of my tempo run. Not ideal since I was still time limited but it gave me a chance to get my long run in with adequate rest time and to not mess up my trip schedule.

So up I was at 5:15 am on Thursday to head to Memorial Park for my 6 mile run. And the run went really damn well. I finished the six miles in 54:54, so just over 9 minute miles. This was my "I can do this" run. Granted its not even quarter of a marathon, the fact that I went from running 11:00 for a single mile to running a 9:09 average for six really made me feel good. After the run driving home I felt fantastic. Maybe I got that runners high for the first time since I started training.

There was only one negative from the whole run but it wasn't a physical thing, it was an equipment thing. My toes were burning at the end of the run. When I got home, sure enough, I had blisters on the very tips of several of my toes. I have gotten blisters on my feet before, who hasn't, but the tips of my toes was unusual. So I was realizing my shoes that I had been running in while they had worked great for me for shorter runs were too small. Something I would have to correct in the near future if I didn't want to start losing toenails.

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