Friday, September 9, 2011

Week 5: Hangovers Are Bad

So I had a fun weekend. Too much fun by some accounts. The problem with that much "fun" is it typically doesn't leave you energetic and ready to exercise. In fact I was extremely dehydrated and totally exhausted. So this had a dramatic impact on my activities throughout the week. Monday rolled around and  I passed up my morning run so I would at least be able to play hockey that night. Then knowing that I was going to lose sleep if I stayed up to play hockey I ended up skipping that too.

So my first real activity of the week was my Tuesday morning run. It was supposed to be a hill run but as I was just getting back into things after rowdy weekend I just did a 45 minute normal run. It went fine all things considered.

I was able to finally get my first tempo run in this week as well. A tempo run being basically a run with two different paces. A normal start up/warm up pace for about 10 minutes, followed by a faster pace for another 10 minutes, and back and forth and so on. This run was only supposed to be 35 minutes so I got through one iteration of pace changes. I didn't quite finish the whole 35 minute run because, while escorting my wife back home from the park (we don't live in the greatest of neighborhoods, though really it isn't too bad) I had to stop because we found ourselves with a stray dog between ourselves and home. He eventually went on his way and I didn't feel like running anymore so I just went in.

Onward to the weekend and the long run. I was a little apprehensive about this run because it would be setting a new distance best for me. The furthest I had ever run in the past was a 10K race. I will note it was in the mountains of Taiwan so it was a little harder than your average 10K but 10K it was. The run his weekend was 7 miles, so close to a mile longer than I had ever done previously. It turns out my apprehension was warranted in this case; maybe a little bit of self fulfilling prophecy. This run was awful, and for many and sundry reasons.

The first of which was I still had not acquired new shoes. I was waiting for the upcoming tax free weekend to go buy new ones. So about five miles in as my feet started to swell I could feel my toes smashed up against the front of my shoes, and it was quite uncomfortable. The second reason was because I was starting to get into runs that were long enough to require extra fuel and I wasn't using any. I had lost my running partner a little prior to half way mark of the run and was pacing myself poorly. The combination of these two thing resulted in my being pretty exhausted about five miles in. Beyond any of these issues though was that during this run my knees hurt like hell. I was tired and hurting, bad. In my previous group runs I had spent my time slowly working my way up the group, this run I spent my time slowly working my way back.To add to the fun I was so focused on these other issues I hadn't been swapping my Gatorade bottle between hands. After holding it in the same hand for an hour my hand went totally numb. A very weird sensation. Despite all of this I did finish my run, for what its worth.

So I had all sorts of issues. If my six mile run was my "I can do this run", this run took a firm stance against that. My knees felt like someone had been hitting them with hammers the rest of the day. I needed to make some changes moving forward.

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