Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Week 7: The Novelty Wears Off Fast

Another week another Monday morning run. This week I was scheduled for a 40 minute run and I was starting to actually run the full time of my Monday runs despite having hockey in the evening. Today however I was just not feeling it. I think a big part of the problem was I didn't have any Gatorade which had become a big part of my routine. I really enjoy the primer pouches that Gatorade makes. I look on them as a kind of gel to use before a run. Without the extra little bit of hydration and carbs I was dragging. My knees were also acting up a bit again, so I ended up following my wife's training technique of five minutes of running with and one minute of walking. It is kind of annoying because this run is supposed to be one of the easiest of the week and it is turning into one of the harder runs. It's the first run following a long run, so I'm still not fully recovered, and it is on a Monday morning, come on.

Last week I said I really enjoyed the hill work out. As noted in the title however, the novelty wore off quickly. The hills run this week kind of sucked. The 100 degree weather felt like 100 degrees. I had tried to stay hydrated during the day but when stuck in meeting for a couple of hours I wasn't able to get more water. With that in mind I was not as well hydrated as I should have been for running in that weather. I also was not fueled properly. I had a granola bar shortly before the run which is pretty typical for me but I still had no Gatorade and I really like those little primer pouches. This weeks hill routine was changed slightly by adding one additional hill to the course and increasing the reps to eight. I think I might have pushed myself too hard right off the bat,so despite the fact that I maintained a fairly consistent pace through out the whole workout, it made it a lot harder.

Fortunately the rest of the week was kind of a down hill battle. Two runs left. The first was the usual temp run for 35 minutes. The second was a six mile run. This was a recovery week. After increasing mileage steadily for 6 weeks, it was time for a breather. So we took a step back in mileage to allow some extra recovery prior to starting the climb again. So despite some difficult runs during the week, the end tapered off nicely. I had no issues with the tempo run.

The six mile run was a little tougher than expected in someways, but I still finished it in just over the time I ran my previous six miles. The biggest difficulty was despite showing up at the park at the same time I normally do, the park was packed and there was no parking. So I ended up having to park quite a ways away from where the group meets and I ended up in the meeting area with no time to warm up prior to starting the run. I started off in the back of the pack away from the normal people I run with. I eventually moved up toward the front but never did find the runners I am normally with. I eventually found someone running at a good pace and finished up the run with them. A good warm up is important to having a good run though, so this one wasn't as comfortable as it should have been. C'est la vie.

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