Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Week 8: Hope, a Preview of Things to Come?

Coming off a relatively easy week with only a six mile run I was approaching my second big hitch that I was expecting in my schedule. On Friday September 2, 2012 one of my best friends was getting married in New York. I would be attending, and it would throw a wrench in my routine. This was a week we were supposed to start building up mileage again and I really didn't want to get a step behind. So adjustments would have to be made.

Monday started things off with a 45 minute run. At this point despite hockey in the evening I planned on going for my full run as my wife was up to the same time with her half marathon training. I figured this far into the training program I should be a little more capable doing more in a shorter period of time, especially since ice skating is considered acceptable cross training.

Tuesday was more hill training in the evening. I was a little better prepped for it this time. I had been drinking water, and I had my Gatorade primer this time, unlike the previous week. We were back down to seven iterations of hills but had increased the time for each iteration to 5 minutes from 4. We still had two minutes rest between runs. I could tell I was doing better because I was able to keep up with or out run people who had easily out distanced me in the previous week. So it was a good run, but still tough with the heat. There was a nicer breeze this week though.

And that was the extent of my normal training for the week. Thursday morning we were off to NY at 6:30 am. So I didn't have time to get my run in. The question was what to do about my long run for the week which was  nine miles. There were two options, the first was to run it in NY either that Friday or Saturday. The problem with this was I was supposed to be partaking in various wedding activities, most of which involve some form of drinking. Drinking and running don't really go well together as previously noted. The other option was to wait until I got back to Houston and take advantage of of the long weekend to get my run in anyway.

All it really took to make my decision was to look at the weather forecast. The high on Long Island was 80. That is cooler than Houston is when I get up to run in the mornings. If I got up early in New York it would be in the 60's. There was no way I could pass up an opportunity to run in such cool weather.

So in the days leading up to the trip I used Google maps to look at potential routes near the hotel we would be staying at. The day we arrived we went on a drive around and looked at the route I thought was best. It seemed like a good one. So the run was planned for the next morning, meaning that night I had to take things easy. So I had to give up one night of "partying", but it was still fun to catch up with friends and meet some new people.

The next day we got up at 6:30. I had brought all of my running needs with me. Gatorade primer and recovery drinks, shorts, shirt, shoes, socks, body glide, Accel gel, and my water bottle. After getting properly appareled and equipped we set out. Going outside the weather was amazing. It was in the mid-sixties, nice and cool. Compared to the miserable heat I was used to, I was in heaven. So I set off on the run, and it was quite pleasant. The cooler weather made the muscles in my legs a little tight, but it couldn't take away from how nice it was out. Since I was running on unfamiliar roads I brought my phone with me in case I ran into trouble. While running I decided it would be fun to take a few pictures of where I was. Since I didn't want to stop at all I took the pictures while in motion. I found the results to be really interesting.

I was really expecting to have a bunch of blurry images considering how I took them, but it really just warped them somewhat. Not something I was expecting so it was cool to find out that I actually got some interesting shots after the fact. So the nice views of running through the farmland and neighborhoods of east Long Island made the run even more enjoyable. I finished up the nine mile run in about 85 minutes, which meant I actually paced myself fairly well. 

The nice weather, nice views, and good run I hope is a look forward of things to come. It won't stay 100 degrees forever in Houston. It will get cooler in the fall and winter months. I look forward to the days ahead that resemble this pleasant morning. 

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